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♠Book: History of Modern Design
♣Author: David Raizman
♥Publisher: Laurence King Publishing
♦Release: 2003
★Genre: Design
☘Pages: 400
✸ISBN: 1856693481
✿Language: English, Spanish, And French

✒SUMMARY: "This insightful, wide-ranging book surveys applied arts and industrial design from the eighteenth century to the present day, exploring the dynamic relationship between design and manufacturing, and the technological, social, and commercial context in which the relationship developed. The effects of a vastly enlarged audience for the products of modern design and the complex dyanmic of mass consumption are also discussed. Part of this dynamic reveals that products serve as signs for desires that have little to do with need or function." -- book jacket.

♠Book: History of Modern Design
♣Author: David Seth Raizman
♥Publisher: Laurence King
♦Release: 2010
★Genre: Design
☘Pages: 432
✸ISBN: 1856696944
✿Language: English, Spanish, And French

✒SUMMARY: Surveying applied arts and industrial design from the 18th century to the present day, this book explores the dynamic relationship between design and manufacturing, and the technological, social and commercial context in which this relationship developed. The effects of a vastly enlarged audience for the products of modern design and the complex dynamic of mass consumption are also discussed. Part of this dynamic reveals that products serve as signs for desires that have little to do with need or function. The book also explores the impact of a wealth of new man-made industrial materials and tools on the course of modern design - from steel to titanium, plywood to plastic, cotton to nylon, wire to transistors,and microprocessors to nanotubes. The research, development and applications of these technologies are shown as depending upon far-reaching lines of communication stretching across geographical and linguistic boundaries. Reviews of the first edition: "..Raizmans book awakens you to examples of design that surround us everywhere, all the time. By the end, the History of Modern Design manages the rare trick of being an authoritative textbook that fuels the imagination.." Blueprint

♠Book: History of Modern Design
♣Author: David Seth Raizman
♥Publisher: Pearson College Division
♦Release: 2004
★Genre: Design
☘Pages: 400
✸ISBN: 0131830406
✿Language: English, Spanish, And French

✒SUMMARY: Examines supply, demand, and design from 1700-1850, arts, crafts, and machines from 1850-1914, design after the Great War, 1918-1944 and international modernism and mass culture after World War II.

♠Book: Outlines and Highlights for History of Modern Design by David Raizman Isbn
♣Author: Cram101 Textbook Reviews
♥Publisher: Academic Internet Pub Incorporated
♦Release: 2010-01
★Genre: Education
☘Pages: 76
✸ISBN: 1616982667
✿Language: English, Spanish, And French

✒SUMMARY: Never HIGHLIGHT a Book Again! Virtually all of the testable terms, concepts, persons, places, and events from the textbook are included. Cram101 Just the FACTS101 studyguides give all of the outlines, highlights, notes, and quizzes for your textbook with optional online comprehensive practice tests. Only Cram101 is Textbook Specific. Accompanys: 9780131830400 .

♠Book: Pioneers of Modern Design
♣Author: Nikolaus Pevsner
♥Publisher: Penguin UK
♦Release: 1991-03-28
★Genre: Design
☘Pages: 272
✸ISBN: 9780141932323
✿Language: English, Spanish, And French

✒SUMMARY: One of the most widely read books on modern design, Nikolaus Pevsner's landmark work today remains as stimulating as it was when first published in 1936. This expanded edition of Pioneers of Modern Design provides Pevsner's original text along with significant new and updated information, enhancing Pevsner's illuminating account of the roots of Modernism. The book now offers many beautiful colour illustrations; updated biographies and bibliographies of all major figures; illustrated short essays on key themes, movements, and individuals; a critique of Pevsner's analysis from today's perspective; examples of works after 1914 (where the original study ended); a biography detailing Pevsner's life and achievements; and much more. Pevsner saw Modernism as a synthesis of three main sources: William Morris and his followers, the work of nineteenth-century engineers, and Art Nouveau. The author considers the role of these sources in the work of early Modernists and looks at such masters of the movement as C.F.A. Voysey and Charles Rennie Mackintosh in Britain, Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright in America, and Adolf Loos and Otto Wagner in Vienna. The account concludes with a discussion of the radical break with the past represented by the design work of Walter Gropius and his future Bauhaus colleagues. Nikolaus Pevsner (1902-1983), a distinguished scholar of art and architecture, was best known as editor of the 46-volume series The Buildings of England and as founding editor of The Pelican History of Art.

♠Book: Designing Modern Norway
♣Author: Kjetil Fallan
♥Publisher: Taylor & Francis
♦Release: 2016-09-19
★Genre: Art
☘Pages: 224
✸ISBN: 9781315528649
✿Language: English, Spanish, And French

✒SUMMARY: Designing Modern Norway: A History of Design Discourse is an intellectual history of design and its role in configuring the modern Norwegian nation state. Rather than a conventional national design history survey that focuses on designers and objects, this is an in-depth study of the ideologies, organizations, strategies and politics that combined might be said to have "designed" the modern nation's material and visual culture. The book analyses main tropes and threads in the design discourse generated around key institutions such as museums, organisations and magazines. Beginning with how British and continental design reform ideas were mediated in Norway and merged with a nationalist sentiment in the late nineteenth century, Designing Modern Norway traces the tireless and wide-ranging work undertaken by enthusiastic and highly committed design professionals throughout the twentieth century to simultaneously modernise the nation by design and to nationalise modern design. Bringing the discussion up towards the present, the book concludes with an examination of how Norway's new-found wealth has profoundly changed the production, mediation and consumption of design.

♠Book: The History of Modern Furniture Design
♣Author: Daniela Karasová
♥Publisher: Nakladatelstvi Arbor Vitae
♦Release: 2013-09-30
★Genre: Design
☘Pages: 313
✸ISBN: 8074670201
✿Language: English, Spanish, And French

✒SUMMARY: Summary: The richly illustrated monograph tells the story of modern furniture produced from the first half of the 19th century - the Biedermeier period - to the late 20th century. The book offers a comprehensive overview of the modern history of furniture in the Czech lands against the backdrop of significant developments in the field worldwide, including one-of-a-kind designer furniture. Particular attention is devoted to the most distinguished artists-designers, as well as the fates of furniture manufacturers and institutions. The volume examines the art-historical aspects of furniture manufacturing, sources of inspiration, types of materials and technological aspects. Profiles of eminent Czech and international furniture designers form an important part of the publication. 0Exhibition: Castle Kamenice nad Lipou, Czech Republic (Permanent exhibition). 0.

♠Book: Twentieth Century Design
♣Author: Jonathan M. Woodham
♥Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks
♦Release: 1997-04-10
★Genre: Art
☘Pages: 288
✸ISBN: 0192842048
✿Language: English, Spanish, And French

✒SUMMARY: Presents an overview of twentieth-century design in the western industrialized world and the Far East, focusing on topics such as modernism, consumerism, and social responsibility

♠Book: History Of Modern Design
♣Author: David Seth Raizman
♥Publisher: Pearson P T R
♦Release: 2003-08
★Genre: Design
☘Pages: 400
✸ISBN: 0131844865
✿Language: English, Spanish, And French

✒SUMMARY: The first book of its kind, Raizman's History of Modern Design offers a gorgeously illustrated survey of the applied arts and industrial design from the eighteenth century to present day, covering furniture, metal, glass, ceramics, fashion, appliances, transportation, and advertising.

♠Book: Kinship by Design
♣Author: Ellen Herman
♥Publisher: University of Chicago Press
♦Release: 2009-08-01
★Genre: Social Science
☘Pages: 368
✸ISBN: 9780226328072
✿Language: English, Spanish, And French

✒SUMMARY: What constitutes a family? Tracing the dramatic evolution of Americans’ answer to this question over the past century, Kinship by Design provides the fullest account to date of modern adoption’s history. Beginning in the early 1900s, when children were still transferred between households by a variety of unregulated private arrangements, Ellen Herman details efforts by the U.S. Children’s Bureau and the Child Welfare League of America to establish adoption standards in law and practice. She goes on to trace Americans’ shifting ideas about matching children with physically or intellectually similar parents, revealing how research in developmental science and technology shaped adoption as it navigated the nature-nurture debate. Concluding with an insightful analysis of the revolution that ushered in special needs, transracial, and international adoptions, Kinship by Design ultimately situates the practice as both a different way to make a family and a universal story about love, loss, identity, and belonging. In doing so, this volume provides a new vantage point from which to view twentieth-century America, revealing as much about social welfare, statecraft, and science as it does about childhood, family, and private life.